When I see guys playing around with their nieces/nephews

When someone asks “What?” after you’ve already repeated yourself

When I run out of things to talk about on a date

Leaving a work conference

Looking for a bridesmaid dress while high school girls are looking for prom dresses

When I see 2 of my friends on what looks like a “secret date”

When someone tells me to “wipe that smug look off my face”

When my landlord tells me it’s my responsibility to get something fixed

I just feel like this perfectly represents how I feel about most people right now

When I stop a super weird guy from hitting on my friend

When I get caught talking about something inappropriate & quickly change the subject

When everything is going wrong as I clock out of work but I pretend like I didn’t hear anything


Dear Snow,

When someone tells me about all the exciting things they’re gonna do with their tax return

"You got a hot date for Valentine’s Day??"