When I go out wearing a dress & have no place to put my ID or chapstick

Basically what I look like at my forestry job

When someone cuts into my solo & then sings the wrong words

When someone way out of my league starts flirting with me

Dear Student Loans


When someone asks why I don’t want a tattoo

When I’m looking fly as hell & no one mentions it

When I reunite with my bestie & we have to do absolutely everything together

When someone tries to explain to me the very thing I told them about earlier

When someone says we should get food

When I’ve only seen a guy a few times & everyone starts calling him my boyfriend

When it’s 4pm & I’m still in my pj’s

When my sister says she “can’t live without” the guy she’s been seeing for a week & a half

When someone thinks they are better than me at quoting movies & I obviously put them in their place

When I accidentally knock over something really expensive & it doesn’t break